Why Paid Apps?

Why Paid Apps?

We encourage paid mobile apps because we’re looking to leverage paid mobile apps to put anyone with determination to change their financial lives by taking advantage of a company that will do everything from A-Z to take your qualified ideas to a real working product and make money for the life of that app.

We use the proceeds to do the following:
Pay royalties to existing library developers who have traditionally created and delivered core components for free. Libraries are used by application developers to assemble mobile apps, library developers are usually the celebrities of the development world since without their work we won’t have any mobile apps. They deserve to be paid something for their work no one can afford to work for free.

Pay royalties to developers who assemble apps and write code gluing it all together.

When a developer releases an app they get requests to change/fix/enhance the apps they might get paid if they offer free apps and are lucky enough to have people click on the adds, but that system profits Google, Amazon and Apple more than the dev. When the dev can’t sustain himself doing what he loves for you full time he needs to quit and get a job which is able to sustain his family. Again this is not right it’s the world upside down again. The developer should be able to continue doing what he has a passion and loves to do and we’d all like for him to fix the bugs and add new features. In order to put him in a position to do that we need to charge for apps. His continued work is assured because the royalties allow him to have the means of staying on the task of building great apps for us to enjoy.

Pay royalties to our customers who faithfully keep up with the latest and greatest things we’re cooking up and promote the heck out of our apps and company. When they share ideas, suggestions or offer feedback, that others value we need to pay them royalties for that contribution.

The qualifier is that the feedback, suggestion or idea needs to gain traction. We’ve built a social hub into our website where after purchase a new customer can create an account which allows them to create new topics relevant to this task of sharing ideas, suggestions and feedback and wait for others to vote those into existence. When they reach the 100K in votes we develop the idea into an add-on where once completed and released will be showcased on their profile page where other customers can purchase the add-on.

The money earned in royalties from those sales will show-up in the royalty management system integrated into the site and the customer’s profile. Royalty payments can be requested from the portal every 30 days or can be set to payout once a certain dollar amount has been reached.

Paid apps are the qualifier for gaining access to the royalty programs but we have other ways customers can become members of those programs either via donation or membership fee.

Donators who reach $25 dollars are offered membership. Others may like the idea of the business model and may just want to get in on the opportunity to get their app developed and published.
We have expectations from our customer’s thoughts that other ways may emerge which enable more to join us in this important journey we’re taking together.

I hope you enjoy the connections you all make and expect great relationship bonds to become a common result of working with others here at Unifi-Mobile.

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