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Unifi-Mobile is creating ways for part time or casual developers to make money for their work. In this we’re looking at ways themers, ROM chefs, ROM cooks, library and kernel developers, can make money from their efforts so that we can see improved support and faster innovation then we’ve seen in the past as the hardware is nothing compared to what a rich exciting and customized software experience can deliver. Each new feature or OS update breathes new life and enjoyment into the devices folks have now and sustains their love and passion for a personal experience.

One of the most positive things which come from the forum is that member users have direct access to those who make the things we use and install/flash.

There is so much more we can expect from new features and enhancements once those who make the turn from free volunteering to a full time gig making money and the kind the girlfriend/wife or boyfriend/husband would encourage you do more of verse nagging you away from the computer to do something else or spend time with them more.

Many of the folks who contribute to the variety of XDA experiences available to those smartphone owners who are tired of waiting for updates to show up from their carrier or manufacture enjoy the fruits from the labor of those who’ve historically volunteered to share their personal creations with the global XDA members of which many are not developers.

Overall we’re doing what we can to move away from a free for all app model beyond beta products and do something meaningful with that void post mortem that opens up earning potential to every single contributor in the life cycle; for those who are working on improving something or making something new.

We employ this model because it’s hype collaborative vs. being competitive. We’re looking to invite what others might have identified our competition to be and making them part of our fold all the way up to the OEM manufacture level. The degree of collaboration we’re engaging in is for everyone’s benefit and profit, leaving no one out.

We’ve employed a custom crowd sourced model here that turns any given customer into a thought worker who can be rewarded given the traction they earn on our web portal “Connect” to make royalties on their suggestions and ideas. In defiance to conventional thinking we feel suggestions and ideas are worth more than they’ve ever been perceived to be.

Read more about this model on our blog to learn more.

So we’re now calling out on all members of the smartphone development communicates globally to come join us in making great things happen. Reach out to us on the Connect Web portal or e-mail us at  HYPERLINK public_relations@unifi-mobile.com. The article starts off targeting part time or casual we’re actually calling on all developers globally to engage in this for the betterment of the world on multiple levels.

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