Sponsor Friends

Sponsor Friends

Unifi-Mobile has a different way of doing things.

Because of this we have a group of people who have been perfectly happy with free apps because they couldn’t afford to buy them if they wanted since they don’t have jobs and are teenagers.

The paid app model by its nature alienates these customers and needed to be addressed.
We’ve said that if those teenagers or any other customer who wants to use our apps refers 25 customers to buy the app then they earn the app’s download and qualify to free membership in the royalty programs.

If the non-teen customer or teenager don’t know 25 people who can pay we have a list they can register on where by non-referred customer can sponsor one of these people with their purchase and once they receive 25 anonymous sponsor refers will qualify to download the app and become a member in the royalty programs.

Earning your way is just as good to us as paying your way, but we can’t support free under any circumstances because it goes against the business model and is anti-profitable in regards to the royalty programs and what they stand to do in creating real income opportunities.

We encourage non-referred customers to consider sponsoring them as they could be one of your supporters when you need votes to gain traction when you sign up for the royalty programs.

There are incentives for all of us to work together as a team and do things in concert.
We never said this new business model would resemble anything you’ve seen before it’s new and we may change it according to the suggestions which come in to improve it.

All changes require votes before we can make the change, we must have traction on every suggestion, or idea to reduce our losses in the event we can’t recapture our expenses on project development.
Losses will reduce our ability to provide consistent royalties and we don’t want that.

We recognize there are some who may love the idea of our business model but find no practical or real world use for our apps on their mobile devices. We’ve got a way for them to be part of it by either a $25.00 membership fee or from donations. Once a person donates over $25 dollars they are offered a membership to join the family. We have operational expenses more so than most traditional companies because of the royalty program and license costs associated with the development technologies we must pay for monthly to host the site, pay the employee, and cover the infrastructure expenses.

Our company does not have a CEO since we are not a corporation we are a private company which principal founders who only seek to use the profits to further develop our communities worldwide.
We’ll continue to use and implement the feedback on improving this business model and expand out into other ventures which support the same framework. We’re here to make the world a better place and it starts by putting people in a position to have more control over that difficult financial side of their life. This opportunity extends to everyone and anyone on the planet.

Glad to have you on board hope to see your ideas soon!

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