Smart Apps

Smart Apps

At Unifi-Mobile were looking to transform your user experience with many great apps that in many ways either dramatically change your existing user experience for the better or just augment the one you already have.

We see a lot of designs in mobile apps that constrain single hand use of a device and feel this is the cornerstone behind our contributions. Ergonomic usability is very important and is an area that needs a lot of work and special focus. We need deep thinking to occur in the user interface that considers how a certain form factor serves the apps we invent and build.

Our approach at first will be to design apps that deliver on critical and missing features not found in many smartphones. The software giants have done put a lot of focus on the little things and we understand that super successful apps all have one thing in common.

The easier you make something the more successful it will be and we share this fact with you because we hope that in making suggestion or submitted ideas to be voted into existence you understand the critical factors that make or break how others deems how successful apps should look and feel.

When you factor design into your app idea you’re already working toward an easy fun user experience, but we also want a high commercial look and feel to the app something that makes us feel the apps is serving us personally so all apps must consider phone fashion. This allows others to change the color theme to match the rest of the theme a customer wants to project in their mobile.

Smartphones are personal devices and people like them to look and work a certain way that matches their requirements so the more flexible the app is the smarter it is from the perception of its users.

High commercial design is necessary to project value and quality and everyone wants the best. The trend recently to adopt material design suggests we embrace a flatter 8bit color look when it comes to graphics but this trend had more to do with conserving battery usage than it did to influence fashion, the higher resolution screens are bigger battery hogs than lower resolution devices.

Phone fashion has everything and more to do with successful apps and enables more smartphone sales than anything else. People like high quality and high design class. What you find on someone’s mobile device is a personal extension of what they find important, what they want close to them.

Smart apps are all about considering the little things which are missing from today’s mobile apps and many fail to meet the requirements that would cause their appeal to skyrocket if software companies started listening to their customers.

At Unifi-Mobile the only rules we obey are the ones you tell us to, the customer is always right.

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