One million downloads and the fun begins

One million downloads and the fun begins

Our company relies on thought to succeed, your thoughts specifically. In order to prepare your mind to start thinking at the level we mutually need; some things must be explained on a deeper thought level to spark the ensuing valuable negative and positive thoughts that will help you to achieve making money on a limitless scale with Unifi-Mobile. We know we need to have a hand in helping you as well.

Emotionally; thought is the only thing that matters for all things to exist; some have positive thoughts while others have negative ones and both are of equal value. The positive curse the negative and the negative curse the positive.

The negative motivates the positive into taking action on their thoughts and the positive motivates the negative into taking action on their thoughts and both produce chaotic harmony that makes the world go around.

In this we are all one there is no them and us or us and them. It’s the way things were created and the way things will always be for one can’t exist without the other.

Crowd sourcing is dependent on thought; a commercial metaphor to consider is one of the apple, its seeds are planted in the ground and give birth to a tree that produces many apples for us to eat. When we’ve eaten all of the apples the tree makes more fruit and when the seeds from the eaten apples are used to plant more tree’s we have greater abundance.

The concept of a seed inside of the seed is metaphorically important commercially speaking to comprehend if creating financial abundance and wealth for all is desired. If the necessary translation of this metaphor occurs with an organic business model which emulates the natural order of creation what will emerge is a limitless income opportunity for all which mimic’s nature to achieve commercially what the apple, it’s tree and seeds do for us on another sustainable and mandatory level.

This model is what crowd sourcing achieves and it has the potential to create limitless income for all who are part of this metaphorical tree. This model eliminates a need for pyramid business structures.

Inspiration comes from the story we all know. We come from the dust of the ground and out of it comes all things of nature in life some roses red, some daisies yellow, all manner of fruits and plants and people of all colors living together as one in one mind with the variable emotions of the same creator.

No one is better than another all are equal in the eyes of the creator.

The sound of a word created all that is and ever will be from the vibration of thought the creator spent on us and a gift was given to all on earth which resulted in the worlds ability to create a life of purpose to make each day better than the next for this life and the one after it.

The self-evident creator gave this gift of thought to the world for it to enjoy so it might create more good things likewise from the thoughts of the created and give too just as liberally to all; as was freely given to us.

So we at Unifi-Mobile offer the world our creations in the same spirit of the grand creator of all that is and ever was with the hope it will be enjoyed by all and that all will contribute their thoughts to make our thoughts better with the promise of royalties for your contributions so the world over will enjoy our creation built from the collective collaboration.

All are welcome to get in on the fun of working together to build great things for others and equally enjoy the prosperity which follows and the only thing required of you is your positive and negative thoughts on how to make what we create better and better everyday.

All things related to commerce require traction in order to survive the start-up phase. We need to build up our staff and resources to prepare to engage with you and this will take funds to do. If the traction is there we can deliver on this and improve it according to our customer stakeholders; meaning your ideas can help there as well.

After we reach one million downloads the fun and excitement begins and our ability to build something far better than apps takes shape. We’re all one in this and that is what crowd sourcing is all about.

We’ve decided to build more than great apps but it’s what the app sales build that’s really more exciting than your wildest dreams; because building better lives is more rewarding for us that just building the world’s greatest apps.

Crowd sourcing is a business model which achieves an organic, infinitely recurring income opportunity which emulates nature delivering those metaphorical seeds inside of the seeds philosophy meaning and limited only by the contributors determination to make more than apps from our collective mutual efforts.

In the dream world all thoughts manifest instantly, in the plane world thought must be applied to action and executed with relentless focus and determination to completely manifest the result of our thought.

If we look at nature, we see that we have no choice but to plant a seed in the ground to produce apples we can eat to survive and our survival makes this mandatory. The thought of food for survival requires us to apply that thought and feeling of hunger to relentless focus and determination which leads to planting an apple tree or we will starve. This is all obvious, but the parody of the example is important to focus on more than you may realize as it’s how all things brought from thought to reality are delivered.

For the manufacture who make physical things like TV’s in order for them to survive they must entice us to buy new TV’s every few years or they go out of business and employees can’t buy food or pay bills to survive if they no longer have a job.

We must keep buying things from one another or we all parish. A degree of scarcity is inherited in this level of creation cause each TV needs to be created over and over to keep up with supply and demand and is limited to available resources.

We’re dependent on one another at every level and yet don’t always remember this.

If music is produced, books are written or apps are created this is a one-time effort meaning only one thing needs to be created and made which can be sold over and over again. The electronic delivery makes it more efficient and sustainable but in order to keep the cycle going; updates, improvements and new versions must be produced and sold that make an app better and keep the cycle of currency moving through our society and customer stakeholders.

Your ideas are the fuel needed to keep this cycle moving strong, and most public commercial organizations do not consider your ideas or suggestions valuable yet you’re the one who they count on to buy their products. We know your ideas are not only valuable but they are critical to producing exactly what you’re after and putting those ideas into action assure our mutual success in the future.

We will leave this beautiful world in a much better place than it was when we came into it and the result could produce a feeling greater than any you have ever experienced because our decision to purchase each other’s creations leads to helping each other achieve a reliable high quality of life that follows a mindset of working smarter not harder equalizing the imbalance between wealth and poverty while enabling us to give to others at the same time as giving to ourselves.

We must keep each other thinking sharp it’s the one thing we all have an equal measure of regardless of class, income level or any other individual distinction and it’s the one thing that can more powerfully affect that large group of people in the world who say they are unhappy with how much money they make and how hard it really is to catch a break.

Let’s work together and build great lives with one another while making great apps we will all enjoy. There are so many ways to engage.

Thank you…

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