Let’s Work Together

Let’s Work Together

By now you understand how important it becomes to your success to work together. Our site and business model is ultra-dependent on it. If you haven’t had a chance to read what we’re doing with mobile apps then please review some of the other pages.

We’ve chosen mobile apps because of their vast potential to provide a sustainable income for you, but recognize the knowledge needed to successfully develop one is out of reach for many and mainly due to the high costs of development which many don’t have sitting in a bank account anywhere.

Many who have great ideas don’t know if they spend their life earnings whether they’d ever see their money back at least on break even basis. We understand that and offer a way for you to share that idea and get the traction from votes of our members to test the market before going further.

If your idea does not make the need number of votes you only need to adjust it until you gain acceptance from others to a degree they approve what you’re looking to do. This does not have to come at the sacrifice of a favorite feature you may like and others don’t it may be as simple as your idea incorporating what the masses are looking for where upon qualifying for Unifi-Mobile to develop the app you can include that feature maybe no one but you appreciated and we’ll build it in.

We’d like to have an opportunity with as little constraint as possible making this door more broadly available and accessible as possible. Your ideas in this area will help tremendously. We look forward to working together on not just creating apps and running a company but on using the profits for all to enjoy and live on. Our spending with each other in a true commercial state is the true sustaining essence that sustains us all. Without commerce we couldn’t have the world we have today and the amenities it offers. Whether we like it or not we’re already working together buying and selling as we go, by working together this way we’re looking out for one another’s livelihood.

We have a responsibility unto one another to look out for the welfare of others because we’re more co-dependent then we realize. No one can do anything without the act of another. There is no such thing as I did it all on my own; that’s an illusion. Everything we have in this world our families enjoy came as a result of someone else making it possible. Things are created (thought) and made (manufactured) so the world can enjoy its benefit.

We have a real opportunity to work on something that will enable every participant to enjoy a higher quality of life if you’re determined to make a difference and work toward real change. We hope you’ll join us in making the world a better place.

The world is a crooked picture; in order to make the wrongs right we have to take the upside down world and turn right side up. No one is going to do that for us, we have to do it ourselves. No single person gets the lime light or credit for making it happen, it’s not Unifi-Mobile that will change the world it’s all of those who join us in building a new reality for all to enjoy.

Those who lack the faith and doubt this is possible will wait until it’s a reality, those who have faith and work according to it will be the ones first to live it.

There is no luck in any of this, it’s all a determined choice that makes it possible nothing in life happens overnight. A planted seed placed into the soil does not produce its fruit overnight. It won’t be easy but it will have many rewards.

We’re not the hero’s here (never will be) you are and by working together we will all achieve what we decide the end result should look like. Unifi-Mobile has chosen to use mobile apps as the catalyst to introduce this new business model, but that’s just the beginning. Other companies can think of ways to do the same thing making our individual economic circumstances more sustainable. Working together by choice can and will build what most all see as satisfactory for now, until tomorrow our next ideas take that to the next level and we evolve from there.

There is nothing wrong with the business models we have today if you’re one of the fortunate to have become wealthy from it. We live in a big world where choice is good and there have not been a lot of choices that enable what many today call the 99%. In a world with 9 billion people on it 1% represents 90 million people who live a life so good they could pay to support their entire block of neighbors for the rest of their lives and not even put a dent in their wealth.

Our process and your success depend on how much you help others, as you review our site and learn more you’ll begin to understand why working together is a mutual benefit for all who join our team.
We hope you enjoy this new experience and if not suggest ways to make it better, because we’re not happy until we’ve perfected this to achieve real financial results for everyone.

Because when we’re working together there is nothing we can accomplish if we decide on something we’d like to do.

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