Let’s Co-Create

Let’s Co-Create

Unifi-Mobile creates smartphone apps that deliver higher quality and different and better user experiences. We’d like to work with other companies that make mobile apps and create integrated app experiences where users don’t have to choose one over the other. They can have both.

By working with customer and industry associates who engage in the same line of work creating, designing and developing great mobile apps we can all maintain the same degree of separation and difference without fear of competitive erosion. If we all produce something that mates to each other then we create a more sustainable commercial future.

We can do this without loss of revenue and we can offer contributors a piece of the pie without impacting the bottom line. By abandoning the greed aspect of many business models we’ll accomplish more revenue and sustainable wealth when we contribute to wealth distribution. Whereby there is money in the economy for others to use on a disposable basis and this strengthens the financial health of company’s vs weakening it.

We call on all of our customers to share with us those things they don’t have the time or money to pursue on their own which they feel are great ideas and publish them for others to vote on. The voting would include a commitment to purchase if that idea were built and available for purchase. Once a customer has earned 100,000 votes we will build that app or idea as an add-on to our existing app.

If our industry neighbor’s work with us in developing their app features as modes customers can install those features they can sell for the same price they do today and deliver a better value proposition that you do now because your product can’t deliver both user experiences. This causes competitive advantage to cease and enables all other companies to equally prosper in their efforts without compromising anything but instead gaining access to the other aspects of their competitors feature set.

Let’s Co-Create and build a different kind of commercial future where all can achieve sustainable profits and experience a degree of stability we’ve not seen yet in our global economy.

Everyone’s Welcome to become a part of this new transforming business experience.

If interested reach out to our company to express interest in co-creating, you can reach us by phone or e-mail please conduct all inquiries on our contact page.

If you’re interested in reaching out for OEM deals, please call to make an appointment.

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