Inspiration Awakens Imagination

Inspiration Awakens Imagination

We’re here to inspire you to reach your highest potential, in a real non-marketed way not one that promises the moon and give you a bag of dog poo after you spend your life’s savings. There are no get rich quick schemes in life everything requires making a choice and working hard to get what you want. This is no different. This blog is about helping you understand every aspect of the; who, what, when, where and why we are doing this.

We’re not happy with the world when it comes to free opportunities and we don’t want to cause people to think free means without determined effort but rather that you don’t need money to make money. All you need is an opportunity which enables you to make something without upfront money of your own. We place a higher value on ideas than other companies do, enough we’re willing to pay you for them if they gain the required traction our process takes you through.

Imagination is not a gift that only some are blessed with. Everyone has an inner desire to create and fulfill purpose but sometimes that needs to be inspired by something which already exists, something you like but hate at the same time.

There are great examples of this in our world today, here in the USA we have Ford Motor Company who inspired Chevrolet, Toyota, Honda and others. No necessarily in that order but one always comes first and inspires the next. Consider an invention; we take an idea and are immediately looking at it with the eyes of what’s wrong with it more than we are in what’s right about it. Of course it’s our natural desire to perfect something we like until we fall in love with it.

Evolution of thought is something we all experience; which forces critical thinking about a bad product unto a better idea yielding higher degrees of innovation, but only if there is a strong motivation/incentive to do so otherwise who would waste their time on it.
Companies hire the brightest people money can buy and hold high expectations these talented employees will create their next big thing to make them rich beyond their wildest dreams. The reality is; that only happens a few times in the company’s existence if ever and the stock holders who already have money to burn are usually the only beneficiaries, so they make money on good or bad outcomes.

We understand that customers have always driven innovation more than the high paid super talented employees who may have a tons of great ideas few appreciate. In order to enable customers to accomplish this effectively they need inspiration. We release an app with the best we can come up with and wait for the customer to hate on it a few minutes and offer their feedback, suggestion or share a different approach via a new idea. This is a natural process applicable in all use cases where products are produced and used in the real world by consumers and problems are always found immediately thereafter. We’re always put in a position of having to settle for good enough vs. exactly the right solution upfront due to the cost constraints of making something right the first time followed by a promise to make version 2.0 better. People don’t like to wait and they often go somewhere else that has the thing instead of waiting. People want what they want when they want it.

Companies today don’t feel suggestions, feedback, and ideas are worth anything so they often state if you share something along those lines with them it’s their intellectual property. We disagree with that approach and put deep thinking towards a way we could reverse that practice and reward a customer without it putting a company out of business. It’s not like we have it all figured out yet, we’re starting with something and will refine it as we go. There will be many hurdles to overcome but we’re determined to perfect it and make it align toward our vision which takes time to build it correctly.

We wanted a solution to enable anyone to make income on the side which has a potential to produce more for them than their day jobs thanks to royalties. We wanted to provide all of the steps, tools and promotional exposure needed to create a meaningful mutual success from every great, idea shared.
Something which naturally sustains both the customer and the company at once; the elusive win-win situation. Any company who successfully accomplishes this could never fail in practice.
What do we mean by solution? By solution we mean a new business model that enables royalty rewards to engaged customers. If you understand an employee owned company ours would look more like a customer owned one, and that today does not exist because the stock market’s shareholder are different kinds of customers than the ones that buy products. In corporations today they are the only ones who become super wealthy.

Some of the folks who could benefit besides (everyone) are single mothers, starving third world families, laid-off jobless people worldwide, the homeless. But how to make an opportunity for them is the most challenging of all.

We recognize they don’t have what everyone else has. We’re committed to helping them in ways that teach them to fish so they can engage in this. If there are a group of people on this planet that don’t have access to a library where they can engage we understand that and will use our profits investing in those areas to build and deliver the essentials they need to enable them making a living from just their ideas alone.
Our success with this company will lead to seeding other companies with this line of thinking that enables communities to become self-sustainable with the minimal efforts working on finding more examples of working smarter and not harder.

Thanks for visiting Unifi-Mobile and learning more about what we’re doing to help all people.

We’re open to ideas on not only how to make great apps but also on how to impact lives worldwide using this company and more positively using technology as a conduit in extending something real not weighted down by a ton of unrealistic requirements and policies which disqualify many people.

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